Ingleborough – first time rider information

Rules – the essentials

Time trialling is controlled by ‘Cycling Time Trials’ (CTT). The rules and regulations are contained in a rather labyrinthine set of documents, most of which can be found on the CTT website. We don’t expect riders to be experts in the minute details.

If you read no more, at least read these essential points.

  • Complete a parental consent form if under the age of 18
  • Don’t warm up or cool down on the course
  • Sign on before riding
  • Attach your race number
  • Wear an approved helmet
  • Have a working front light
  • Have a working rear light
  • Start at your allocated time
  • Obey the Highway Code
  • Follow the course
  • Don’t interact with other riders on the course
  • Don’t have a preceding or following vehicle
  • Sign off after finishing
  • Return your race number

Entering – 2024 event

Online entry is done through the CTT website and costs £14. For the 2024, the the closing date for entries is midnight on March the 5th. Only members of cycling clubs or team affiliated to the CTT may enter, though for 2024, Pendle Forest are offering day membership for non-club riders.

What happens next?

As soon as your entry is processed, you will recieve a confirmation email from the CTT. That will be all until the closing date has passed. A few days after the closing date, confirmations of acceptance or rejection will be sent out. Rejections will only happen if the event is oversubscribed. This has not happened in recent years and is unlikely.

A few days later still the startsheet will be published and riders notified by email. The startsheet consists of two parts, a coversheet with details about the event such as the location of the headquarters, prize categories, contact details for the organsier, additional information about the state of the course and details of local regulations for the conduct of the time trial. It is important to read the cover sheet. The second part is the startsheet proper. This is a list of all riders together with their race numbers and start times.

On the day

The headquarters will be open from around 8:30 in the morning. It is up to you to decide when to arrive depending on how much time you need to get ready. As a general guide, arriving 1 hour before your start time should be enough. Details of the HQ location and course are on our Ingleborough page.

Inside the HQ there will be a desk with last minute course information, a signing on sheet and the race numbers. Sign on and collect your number and if you are under the age of 18, give to the organiser a completed parental consent form. Your race number must be fixed to your clothing using either pins or a suitable pocket, such that it can be clearly seen from behind when you are in the race riding position. There will be experienced riders around who can help with this if you have difficulties.

That’s the formal part done with. The time remaining is available for getting kit together and warming up. The use of rollers and turbo trainers is permitted. The local roads can also be used for a warmup with the exception of the course itself. It is out of bounds for the duration of the event.

From the HQ to the start takes about 5 minutes at a moderate pace. We ask that riders don’t arrive at the start too early as space there is limited. 5 minutes before your start time is early enough.

At the start, please stay behind the sign and wait to be called by the start official. It is very important not to cause any obstruction of the road by standing in it – stay at the side.

Now your heart rate will start to climb, if it hasn’t already! With one minute to go, your race number will be called out and you can proceed to the start. Stop with your front axle over the white mark in the road.

The time keeper will call ’30 seconds’ and the startline pusher will hold your bike so that you can get clipped in and ready to start (if you don’t want the pusher, just say so and you can start with one foot on the ground). Next call will be ’10’ followed by ‘5’,’4′,’3′,’2′,’1′,’go’.

Your race has started – now it is up to you. Have a good ride…

Following the course

There will be marshals to point the correct direction at key locations, but it is your responsibility to know the course and to follow it correctly.

In addition to the maps and course description, we have a pictorial guide covering some of the key locations.

If you witness an accident or see another rider in distress, you must stop and give assistance. If you decide to retire from the race, suffer a mechanical or other minor mishap, it is very important that you avoid giving other competitors the impression that you need urgent assistance. Don’t lie down or leave your bike lying down – if you do, a rider is sure to stop and ask if you need help. We send a sweeper vehicle around the course after the last competitor so you will get picked up.


As you pass the finish time keeper try to call out your race number clearly, this helps in cases where your number is not easy to read. Don’t worry if you can’t, you will still get a result.

Proceed back to the HQ fairly directly – don’t go for a long cool down. This is in case you are called for random drug testing and in order to complete the post race necessities promptly.

Back at the HQ hand in your race number and SIGN OFF on the sheet provided. This is essential – if you don’t sign off you won’t get a result and will be recorded as DNF.

That is it! You have finished. There will be refreshments available and please hang around for the presentation.


Results will be displayed at the HQ as riders finish. There will be a presentation for the prizewinners once everyone is back. A few days later you will be notified of the official results by email.