Day Membership

For 2024, PF have introduced a new type of membership to enable riders, not in a CTT affiliated club, to compete in our Circuit of Ingleborough hilly time trial. The cost is £5 in addition to the event entry fee of £14.

To enter this way, first contact us to arrange for day membership, then register and enter online with the CTT.

This membership will expire after the event and can’t be used for other time trials. In the official results, your club will appear as ‘Pendle Forest’. Elligability for prizes and recognition of any records will be the same as for full members with the exception that your time won’t count towards Pendle Forest club records or the fastest team of three prize.

Entries to the Circuit of Ingleborough are limited to 120. If it is oversubscribed and you don’t get in we will refund your £5 and the CTT will not charge the entry fee.

Membership of Pendle Forest brings a lot of benefits, if you decide after Ingleborough to join, we will deduct £5 from the annual free.