Thornton 10 Fastest Rides Men

All time fastest rides of the Thornton 10 mile time trial, irrespective of club. This section will be updated as historical results are found. Please send details to

R* denotes a ride on a road bike.

19:15Ryan Perry20/08/15Langdale Lightweights
19:17Patrick Casey30/05/24Bora Hasgroher
19:43Ryan Perry09/07/15Langdale Lightweights
20:20 Steven Burke06/06/13Node 4 Giodana
20:28Richard Bideau11/06/15Pendle Forest CC
20:29Richard Bideau16/04/15Pendle Forest CC
20:29Richard Bideau30/04/15Pendle Forest CC
20:50Stephen Irwin11/06/15North Lancs RC
20:55Frazer Martin09/08/20Wheelbase
21:02Richard Bideau21/04/22Pendle Forest CC
21:09Luke Greenwood24/08/23Pendle Forest CC
21:16Paul Braithwaite15/06/23Pendle Forest CC
21:26Hamish Graham23/06/16Green Jersey
21:34Richard Bideau31/07/14Pendle Forest CC
21:36Paul Braithwaite24/08/23Pendle Forest CC
21:39Paul Braithwaite21/06/18Pendle Forest CC
21:40Paul Braithwaite25/08/22Pendle Forest CC
21:42Paul Braithwaite28/07/22Pendle Forest CC
21:43Paul Braithwaite01/06/17Pendle Forest CC
21:43Jason Bateman24/04/14Pendle Forest CC
21:44Steve Ayres20/08/15Bronte Wheelers
21:46Jason Bateman06/06/13Pendle Forest CC
21:48Paul Braithwaite11/08/22Pendle Forest CC
21:49Darren Harvey25/08/22Pendle Forest CC
21:50Darren Harvey11/08/22Pendle Forest CC
21:52Paul Braithwaite24/05/18Pendle Forest CC
21:55Darren Harvey28/07/22Pendle Forest CC
21:58Luke Greenwood29/06/23Pendle Forest CC
21:59Daniel Hepton21/04/22Bike Stop Tyre Key
22:03Luke Greenwood15/06/23Pendle Forest CC
22:03Paul Braithwaite20/06/19Pendle Forest CC
22:06Luke Greenwood25/08/22Pendle Forest CC
22:06Luke Greenwood30/06/22Pendle Forest CC
22:06Paul Warrener2009 ?Rossendale RC
22:07Gary Smith20/08/15Pendle Forest CC
22:10David Mirfield20/04/23Hope
22:12David Mirfield13/05/21Hope
22:16Chris Smedley23/06/16Nelson Wheelers
22:17Luke Greenwood28/07/22Pendle Forest CC
22:19Luke Greenwood02/06/22Pendle Forest CC
22:24Darren Harvey21/04/22Pendle Forest CC
22:24Darren Harvey24/06/21Pendle Forest CC
22:29Luke Greenwood11/08/22Pendle Forest CC
22:32Darren Harvey02/06/22Pendle Forest CC
22:37Darren Harvey19/08/21Pendle Forest CC
22:40Darren Harvey05/05/22Pendle Forest CC
22:40Andy Johnson13/05/21Airedale Olympic
22:41Matt Kayley24/08/23Pendle Forest CC
22:42Paul Braithwaite02/06/22Pendle Forest CC
22:42Russell Marsden22/07/21Pendle Forest CC
22:43James Atkinson27/07/17Pendle Forest CC
22:48Darren Harvey22/07/21Pendle Forest CC
22:45 RBHamish Graham02/06/22Pendle Forest CC
22:45Aiden Heyworth02/06/22Directions Racing
22:46Paul Braithwaite21/04/22Pendle Forest CC
22:47Russell Marsden15/06/23Pendle Forest CC
22:49Paul Braithwaite05/08/22Pendle Forest CC
22:49Matt Kayley13/05/21Pendle Forest CC
22:51Paul Braithwaite20/04/23Pendle Forest CC
22:52Darren Harvey20/04/23Pendle Forest CC
22:52Andy Johnston11/08/22Airedale Olympic
22:52Gary Smith11/06/15Pendle Forest CC
22:53 RBTim Jones04/08/16
22:55Luke Greenwood04/05/23Pendle Forest CC
22:55Russell Marsden20/04/23Pendle Forest CC
22:56Steve Risden11/02/22Bingley Millgate
22:57 RBHamish Graham15/06/23Pendle Forest CC
23:00Russell Marsden29/06/23Pendle Forest CC
23:00Darren Harvey04/05/23Pendle Forest CC
23:00Luke Greenwood20/04/23Pendle Forest CC
23:03Jack Thomas15/06/23Pendle Forest CC
23:06 RBAndy Johnston05/05/22Airedale Olympic
23:06Andy Johnston15/04/21Airedale Olympic
23:08Matt Kayley22/07/21Pendle Forest CC
23:10 RBAndrew Johnston04/05/23Airedale Olympic
23:11Russell Marsden09/07/15Pendle Forest CC
23:12Jon Longworth05/08/21Bury Clarion
23:13Jon Longworth22/07/21Bury Clarion
23:15Andrew Dent23/06/16Pendle Forest CC
23:16Matt Kayley19/07/21Pendle Forest CC
23:17Matt Kayley21/04/22Pendle Forest CC
23:17Martin Welsh01/08/19Pendle Forest CC
23:17Ben Cook19/08/21Bronte Wheelers
23:21Russell Marsden25/08/22Pendle Forest CC
23:22Luke Greenwood19/08/21Pendle Forest CC
23:23 RBHarvey Stroh18/07/19Pendle Forest CC
23:26Matt Kayley10/04/21Pendle Forest CC
23:27Matt Kayley15/06/23Pendle Forest CC
23:27Matt Kayley10/06/21Pendle Forest CC
23:33Luke Greenwood13/05/21Pendle Forest CC
23:36Matt Kayley02/06/22Pendle Forest CC
23:37Matt Kayley01/06/23Pendle Forest CC
23:37Russell Marsden04/05/23Pendle Forest CC
23:37David Poole13/05/21Barlik Clarion
23:38Darren Harvey13/05/21Pendle Forest CC
23:40Luke Greenwood22/07/21Pendle Forest CC
23:44Russell Marsden24/06/21Pendle Forest CC
23:48Luke Greenwood10/06/21Pendle Forest CC
23:50Matt Kayley25/08/22Pendle Forest CC
23:51 RBSteve Risden04/05/23Bingley Millgate CC
23:52Ben Cook15/06/23Bronte Wheelers
23:57Matt Kayley24/06/21Pendle Forest CC
23:58Luke Greenwood05/07/21Pendle Forest CC