BAR Champions

The BAR is calculated as the average of the speeds for a rider’s best results at 25 miles, 50 miles and 100 miles.

YearRiderSpeed (mph)
1967H. Stansfield23.3
1969B.A. Wesson22.59
1970B.A. Wesson22.76
1972K. Barker22.05
1973K. Barker23.08
1974D. Blackburn22.27
1975D. Horsfall21.62
1976K. Barker22.13
1977P. Riley23.42
1978P. Riley23.29
1979M. Eccles23.24
1980M. Eccles23.22
1981M. Eccles23.44
1982M. Eccles23.8
1983M. Eccles25.12
1984M. Eccles25.33
1985H. Waddington24.22
1986G. Waddington25.32
1987G. Waddington24.43
1988G. Waddington24.61
1989G. Waddington25.77
1990G. Waddington26.11
1991G. Waddington26.88
1992G. Waddington26.23
1993G. Waddington26.67
1994G. Waddington26.2
1995G. Waddington26.34
1996S. Phillips26.63
1997J. Durcan27.16
1998J. Durcan25.31
1999J. Boothman25.86
2000J. Boothman25.83
2001S. Phillips24.16
2002M. Tongue25.26
2003S. Phillips26.49
2004S. Phillips25.86
2005S. Phillips25.69
2006S. Phillips26.33
2007S. Phillips25.53
2008S. Phillips25.17
2010S. Phillips25.94
2011S. Phillips26.17
2012S. Phillips25.67
2013S. Phillips26.19
2015R. Bideau30.61
2016R. Bideau30.85
2017R. Bideau30.72
2018R. Bideau27.66
2019R. Bideau29.09