Team Time Trial Records

These are the club records for the fastest rides recorded by a Pendle Forest team of three in an open solo time trial in the standard distance categories of 10 miles, 25 miles, 50 miles and 100 miles.

10 Miles

This was set in the Kent Valley RC Mid Summer event held 24/06/2023 on the L1015 Levens course. The combined time of 59:26 beat the previous record by 1 minute 28 seconds. That was set at 01:00:54 by Richard Bideau (18:35), Jason Bateman (20:16) and Gary Smith* (22:03) during the Team Swift 10 on V718, 24/08/2014.

*Gary had a 1 minute late start penalty added to his time.

Richard Bideau19:30
Jason Bateman19:54
Paul Braithwaite20:02
PF 10 mile team record.

Photo Credits

Richard Bideau by Kimroy Photography (Brian Jones) pictured in the Kent Valley RC midsummer Levens 10, 24/06/2023.

Jason Bateman by Raymond Bracewell, pictured in the Pendle Forest CC Levens 10, 31/07/2021.

Paul Braithwaite by Raymond Bracewell, pictured in the East Lancashire RC Levens 10, 06/05/2023.

25 miles

This was set in the Kent Valley RC event held 25/06/2023 on the L2524 Levens course. The combined time of 02:36:00 shaved 46 seconds off the previous record.

Jason Bateman51:36
Richard Bideau51:38
Paul Braithwaite52:46
PF 25 mile team record.

The previous record was set on the H25/13b course in 1993, the same event in which Chris Boardman set a new competition record of 45:57 for 25 miles. In this event the Pendle Forest team time of 02:36:46 was recorded by Graham Waddington (51:30), Jason Bateman (52:25) and Andy Gates (52:51).

Results sheet for the event in which the 1993 PF record was set.

50 Miles

Set in 1995.

Jim Durcan
Graham Waddington
Simon Phillips
PF 50 mile team record.

100 Miles

Set in 1997.

Graham Waddington
Simon Phillips
Trevor Stansfield
PG 100 mile team record.