Evening League 21st April 2022

The Pendle Forest 2022 evening league has begun. Twelve riders took up the challenge of the Skipton 10 on a cool breezy evening. The wind, though strong, was from the northeast, the best direction for fast times, making the return leg from the Skipton to Elslack roundabouts faster than usual but also making the climb up to the turn particularly hard. It is good to see new riders  – welcome to Daniel and Tomas Hepton and congratulations to Daniel for making into the ’21 club’ with a time of 21:59.  There were other fast times and they have been added to all time fastest page Thornton 10. All time fastest rides – men. . The next event, also a 10, is on Thursday the 5th of May.  


1    21:02    Richard Bideau    Pendle Forest CC
2 21:59 Daniel Hepton Bike Stop Tyre Key
3 22:24 Darren Harvey Pendle Forest CC
4 22:46 Paul Braithwaite Pendle Forest CC
5 23:17 Matt Kayley Pendle Forest CC
6 24:24 Ben Cook Bronte Wheelers
7 24:39 Martin Welsh Pendle Forest CC
8* 24:52 Tomas Hepton Bike Stop Tyre Key
9 25:04 Martin Ralph Pendle Forest CC
10 25:44 James Atkinson Pendle Forest CC
11* 27:59 Paul Whittaker Pendle Forest CC
12 35:52 Danny Davies Pendle Forest CC

* Road Bike.