Thornton 10. All time fastest rides – men.

All time fastest rides of the Thornton 10 mile time trial, irrespective of club. This section will be updated as historical results are found. Please send details to

R* denotes a ride on a road bike.

19:15Ryan Perry20/08/15Langdale Lightweights
19:43Ryan Perry09/07/15Langdale Lightweights
20:20Steven Burke?Sport City Velo
20:28Richard Bideau11/06/15Pendle Forest CC
20:29Richard Bideau16/04/15Pendle Forest CC
20:29Richard Bideau30/04/15Pendle Forest CC
20:50Stephen Irwin11/06/15North Lancs RC
21:02Richard Bideau21/04/22Pendle Forest CC
21:26Hamish Graham23/06/16Green Jersey
21:34Richard Bideau31/07/14Pendle Forest CC
21:39Paul Braithwaite21/06/18Pendle Forest CC
21:43Paul Braithwaite01/06/17Pendle Forest CC
21:44Steve Ayres20/08/15Bronte Wheelers
21:52Paul Braithwaite24/05/18Pendle Forest CC
21:59Daniel Hepton21/04/22Bike Stop Tyre Key
22:03Paul Braithwaite20/06/19Pendle Forest CC
22:06Paul Warrener2009 ?Rossendale RC
22:07Gary Smith20/08/15Pendle Forest CC
22:12David Mirfield13/05/21Hope
22:16Chris Smedley23/06/16Nelson Wheelers
22:24Darren Harvey21/04/22Pendle Forest CC
22:24Darren Harvey24/06/21Pendle Forest CC
22:37Darren Harvey19/08/21Pendle Forest CC
22:40Andy Johnson13/05/21Airedale Olympic
22:42Russell Marsden22/07/21Pendle Forest CC
22:43James Atkinson27/07/17Pendle Forest CC
22:48Darren Harvey22/07/21Pendle Forest CC
22:46Paul Braithwaite21/04/22Pendle Forest CC
22:49Matt Kayley13/05/21Pendle Forest CC
22:52Gary Smith11/06/15Pendle Forest CC
22:53 RBTim Jones04/08/16
23:06Andy Johnston15/04/21Airedale Olympic
23:08Matt Kayley22/07/21Pendle Forest CC
23:11Russell Marsden09/07/15Pendle Forest CC
23:12Jon Longworth05/08/21Bury Clarion
23:13Jon Longworth22/07/21Bury Clarion
23:15Andrew Dent23/06/16Pendle Forest CC
23:16Matt Kayley19/07/21Pendle Forest CC
23:17Matt Kayley21/04/22Pendle Forest CC
23:17Martin Welsh01/08/19Pendle Forest CC
23:17Ben Cook19/08/21Bronte Wheelers
23:22Luke Greenwood19/08/21Pendle Forest CC
23:23 RBHarvey Stroh18/07/19Pendle Forest CC
23:26Matt Kayley10/04/21Pendle Forest CC
23:27Matt Kayley10/06/21Pendle Forest CC
23:33Luke Greenwood13/05/21Pendle Forest CC
23:37David Poole13/05/21Barlik Clarion
23:38Darren Harvey13/05/21Pendle Forest CC
23:40Luke Greenwood22/07/21Pendle Forest CC
23:44Russell Marsden24/06/21Pendle Forest CC
23:48Luke Greenwood10/06/21Pendle Forest CC
23:57Matt Kayley24/06/21Pendle Forest CC
23:58Luke Greenwood05/07/21Pendle Forest CC