What’s on This Week

Monday, 24th January – Chippy/Impromptu Run – 6.30pm Dicky Nook (weather dependent)


Tuesday, 25th January – Track Night, Steven Burke Sports Hub – 7pm, £2

Wednesday, 26th January – Social Run – 7pm Dicky Nook

Saturday, 29th January – Saturday Run – 9.30am Dicky Nook 


2022 Evening League


2022 Evening League – Provisional Dates

Thursday, 21st April – Skipton 10 – 7pm

Thursday, 5th May – Skipton 10 – 7pm

Thursday, 19th May – Gisburn Hilly 13 – 7pm

Thursday, 2nd June – Skipton 10 – 7pm

Thursday, 16th June – Skipton 10 – 7pm

Thursday, 30th June – Skipton 10 – 7pm

Thursday, 14th July – Gisburn Hilly 13 – 7pm

Thursday, 21st July – Hill Climb – 7pm

Thursday, 28th July – Skipton 10 – 7pm

Thursday, 11th August – Skipton – 7pm

Thursday, 25th August – Skipton – 7pm

Thursday, 8th September – Thornton 6.25 – 7pm



Harry Clarkson Memorial 10 Mile TT – 1st August 2020

The link below will lead you to a provisional results sheet for the event.  We aim to update this sheet as riders finish.  If you click on the link below it will take you to the result sheet, you may need to keep refreshing your browser to see updates.  As with any “at event” result board the result will be provisional until checked by the time keeper after the event.


Los Escapados

This is an article written by Derrick Whittaker about his 2018 tour of France, Spain and Portugal. I have been meaning to share it for some time. Now seems like a great time. Some inspiration for the future. Thanks Derrick for putting the time in to writing.  Picos 2018 small

Circuit of Ingleborough

Another team win in the Circuit of Ingleborough makes it three in a row for Pendle Forest. A strong south westerly wind made the return leg from Ribblehead a lot tougher than in recent years but the threatened rain held off with only a few light showers for some of the riders. The team win was achieved by Richard Bideau, Harvey Stroh and Paul Braithwaite. Victoria Peel achieved second place overall in her first ride of the course. Martin Welsh had the better of Martin Ralph, reversing the order from the West Pennine 14 and Martin Brass put in a solid effort to make it seven good PF rides.

Richard Bideau 1:03:53 (3rd overall)
Harvey Stroh 1:12:02
Paul Braithwaite 1:12:40
Martin Welsh 1:15:56
Martin Ralph 1:17:31
Victoria Peel 1:22:31 (2nd overall)
Martin Brass 1:27:22

North Lancs RC Hilly 30mile Time Trial

There was another team victory for Pendle Forest in the North Lancs RC Hilly 30mile time trial. This event uses the A59 between Clitheroe and Elslack and replaces the Circuit of Pendle that is no longer possible due to the new traffic lights at the end of the Nelson bypass. Conditions this year were very challenging with a savage wind that made the return leg a grim battle to hang on to the bike. 
The fastest team of three went to Richard Bideau, Paul Braithwaite and Russell Marsden. There is an interesting battle developing for the third placed SpoCo counting rider!

Richard Bideau 1:09:46 (2nd overall)
Paul Braithwaite 1:19:01
Russell Marsden 1:23:55
Martin Welsh 1:24:23
Harvey Stroh 1:24:33

West Pennine hilly 14 mile TT results

Pendle Forest got off to a good start in the SpoCo competition in the West Pennine hilly 14 mile time trial. Six good rides and the team prize (provisional).

Richard Bideau 34:20 (1st overall)
Paul Braithwaite 38:48
Martin Ralph 39:45
Martin Welshy 40:59
Martin Brass 46:10
Danny Davies 58:11