Lazonby 2024

Border City Wheelers. Lazonby Hilly 20mile NLTTA SpoCo. 24/03/2024.

Course and Conditions

Starting just outside the villiage of Lazonby, the course consists of two laps of a 10 mile circuit. From the start there is a short flat section leading to a brief steep climb followed by a fast twisting descent – proper SpoCo challenges. After a gentle rise, a left turn leads onto the the A6 for a short spell of more conventional time trialling on a straight road with only gentle rises and falls. That changes abruptly with a left turn at Plumpton and the final leg of the circuit. There are two distinct climbs separated by a moderate descent before the road falls quite steeply back towards Lazonby. A final left turn leads to a short sharp climb and onwards back to the start-finish and the second lap of the course.

Sunny but windy and cold conditions were the main features of Lazonby 2024. A little warmer than 2023 but, at around 6°C, still too cold to be comfortable in a skin suit. The wind was stronger this year, around 12mph from the northwest. Though unwelcome, at least the wind was in a good direction for a reasonably fast ride. The lumpy outward leg from Lazonby to the A6 was much slower than usual, but the A6, with a good following wind was a fine experience, perfect for the time trial specialist. The return leg to Lazonby has shelter and the cross/tail wind was difficult to detect.

Overall – Open

146:54Matt MorrisWigan WheelersSenior
247:43Richard BideauPendle Forest CCV50
348:51Chris BoothGiant-Kendal-SidasSenior
Lazonby 2024.

Overall – Women

158:41Anna WeaverTeam Kirkley CyclesSenior
259:30Lucy Mikkelsen-BarronDerwent Valley Cycling ClubSenior
31:04:19Jan ScotchfordNorth Lancashire Road ClubV50
Lazonby 2024.

Pendle Forest Result

247:43Richard BideauV50
750:50Paul BraithwaiteV40
1556:41Martin WelshV60
Lazonby 2024. PF results.


CTT Results

Frazer Snowdon race report.

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