North Lancs RC Hilly 30mile Time Trial

There was another team victory for Pendle Forest in the North Lancs RC Hilly 30mile time trial. This event uses the A59 between Clitheroe and Elslack and replaces the Circuit of Pendle that is no longer possible due to the new traffic lights at the end of the Nelson bypass. Conditions this year were very challenging with a savage wind that made the return leg a grim battle to hang on to the bike. 
The fastest team of three went to Richard Bideau, Paul Braithwaite and Russell Marsden. There is an interesting battle developing for the third placed SpoCo counting rider!

Richard Bideau 1:09:46 (2nd overall)
Paul Braithwaite 1:19:01
Russell Marsden 1:23:55
Martin Welsh 1:24:23
Harvey Stroh 1:24:33