Etiquette Quiz Solution

The Puzzle

It’s been a long day in the saddle, out to Glasson Dock and now the last big pull over the Trough. Seven tired PF riders are strung out on the climb – ride etiquette is shot to pieces. Match the numbers to the names and you could win a prize!

Riders remaining:
Richard Bideau
Jonathon Boothman
Simon Coates
Philip Hartley
Brian Pickles
Paul Whittaker
Craig Wilson

The Solution

Each of us has our own peculiarities when it comes to road position. Inspired by watching fellow PF riders over the years, this puzzle is a test of how well we recognise patterns of behaviour. The configuration shown did happen briefly, though several riders have been left out, but more than that, it is characteristic of the seven members named.

And so, the solution….

No. 1, Brian Pickles. Rarely a team rider, Brian has ridden off the front, maybe in persuit of a KOM, maybe to be first to the top or just for reasons that are hard to fathom.

No. 2, Philip Hartley. Uneasy with a breakaway, Phil is half-wheeling the ride leaders in a vain attempt to lure the group into a chase.

No. 3, Simon Coates. Consistent and solid, Simon is maintaining an even pace, avoiding Phil’s attempt to force it.

No. 4, Jonathon Boothman. Ride leader, looking after the group, Jock, like Simon is steady and maintains discipline.

No 5. Paul Whittaker. Slightly off the pace but battling on, Paul maintains composure but threatens to get out of the saddle…

No 6. Richard Bideau. Happy to follow a wheel but because it is Paul’s, keeping a slight gap in case Paul gets out of the saddle and goes backwards.

No 7. Craig Wilson. Though strong for most of the day, Craig has blown and is well off the pace.