Circuit Of Ingleborough – 1990s Results

Scanned Results

The images here were generated form originals supplied by Danny Davies, PF President between ? and 2024 and also regular competitor on the circuit.

As well as the obvious care that went into creating these publications, these results sheet show what a prolific winner Gethin Butler has been. Pendle Forest do well also with podium places and several team wins. The note of thanks from organisers Ruth and Suart for the 1993 circuit is worth reproducing in full.

A very big thank you to all those who have helped make the Circuit of Ingleborough a ‘classic’ hilly. We have been able to give good prizes beacuse of the generosity of hard working businesses listed on the start sheet – please support them.

To our reliable and loyal friends who turn out each year to time keep, push off, marshall, those who form the results team, help in the kitchen and do all the mundane tasks required of them.

To the farmers who allow us to use their front entrance as the start and keep their stock and vehicles off a rural road while the race is in progress.

To the Highways Department who ensured major road works were finished in time.

To Ingleton Council and Ingleborough Centre who allow us to use their excellent facilities.

To the police who have been particularly helpful in warning motorised traffic of the event and personally ensuring the safety of our riders.

Lastly – thanks to the riders who have set us all a very high standard to aspire to.

The future of our great sport is in danger. The C.T.C. Cyclists’ Rights Network is fighting to maintain our minor roads fom being severed by new Department of Transport trunk roads, they are also fighting hard to calm traffic and call for stiffer sentences for drivers who run down cyclists. If we all take an active interest and fight for our rights as cyclists we will keep our sport. Ruth and Stuart.