Circuit of Clapham

Scenes of Chaos at the Circuit of Clapham: Dud Bronze takes the win

Roadworks, bad weather and militant waterfowl caused chaos on Sunday’s hilly Yorkshire time trial. Already shortened from the planned route, a backup course ‘The Circuit of Clapham’ had been pressed into action only to be further disrupted by an unexpected duck protest.

Mallards wielding ‘Just Stop Bread’ placards had glued themselves to the bridge. Remonstrations of the race officials left the angry fowl unmoved and were to no avail in easing the blockage. Eventually the race went ahead with a neutralised duck section with points for the best slalom technique.

Unknown to the starting riders, bad weather had set in at the north end of the course. Snow was falling and a monstrous headwind greeted the riders on the 400 yard long southbound leg.

Speaking after the event, winner Dudley ‘Dud’ Bronze, riding for local team ‘DNF noHope’ described his ordeal. ‘The first part wasn’t bad, the weather at the bridge was good but going north it just got worse. Riverside was nearly impassable with snow and riders wrapped in space blankets. It did give me time to slow down and have a gel. It got worse. The wind was blowing a gale and it took nearly two minutes to make the southerly leg. The rest was easy, just a case of weaving through the ducks and staying upright.’

Dud’s well-deserved win adds to an already impressive season: 3 DNS and a DNF with several months still to go.

Course Description

Course code: L006

Start on Church Avenue next to stone cross. Head north to junction with ‘Riverside’ (0.21 miles). Turn right and continue north to sharp left hand bend (0.26 miles). Turn left onto Cross Haw Lane (0.31 miles). At 0.54 miles take the left turn back towards the village and finish just before the bridge (0.6 miles).