Evening League 2022

  • Riders must be members of a CTT affiliated club
  • All riders under 18 must provide a completed parental consent form before starting
  • Events are run under CTT rules and Regs (note changes to the rules for 2022: front and rear lights must be used and an approved helmet worn)
  • Entry fee is £5.00
  • All events except the hill climb start in Thornton, first rider off at 7pm
  • Hill climb – new course: Skipton Old Road, Colne
  • Please sign on outside the church, please try to be signed on 15 mins before 7pm start.
  • Time keepers decision is final, don’t care what your Garmin / Strava says.
  • Course profiles and maps below, no excuse for getting lost.


Please maintain social distancing 

Please use hand sanitiser before and after sign on and handling numbers etc

There will be no pusher 

Results will be on the web shortly after the event, please get your result here rather than getting close to race officials Results link below events list. 

2022 Evening League – provisional dates

Thursday, 21th April – Skipton 10 – 7pm

Thursday, 5th May – Skipton 10 – 7pm

Thursday, 19th May – Gisburn Hilly 13 – 7pm

Thursday, 2nd June – Skipton 10 – 7pm

Thursday, 16th June – Skipton 10 – 7pm

Thursday, 30th June – Skipton 10 – 7pm

Thursday, 14th July – Gisburn Hilly 13 – 7pm

Thursday, 21th July – Hill Climb – 7pm

Thursday, 28th July – Skipton 10 – 7pm

Thursday, 11th August – Skipton 10 – 7pm

Thursday, 25th August – Skipton 10 – 7pm

Thursday, 8th September – Thornton 6.25 – 7pm

Click the link below for results

Results 2021

Thornton 10 mile TT
Download file: Skipton_10_Mile.gpx
Gisburn Grimpur 13 mile hilly, starts at Thornton, finishes at the Moorcock.
Download file: Grimpur_13_mile.gpx
Short Circuit 6 mile hilly starts and finishes in Thornton.
Download file: Thronton_6_mile.gpx